It has been a real privilege to serve as Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner since 2012.


These years of Austerity have been difficult with Government cuts damaging the services that keep people safe. Put simply, across the country there are over 20,000 fewer police officers on our streets than under Labour in 2010. Even with recent changes we won’t get back to those levels before 2023.


I’ve focused Nottinghamshire Police on crimes that are particularly important to local people. We have specialist burglary and robbery teams, and the only Knife Crime team outside London. We are rolling out the Operation Reacher model of pro-active policing to all the neighbourhoods in the City.


We have reintroduced police officers to work in schools and help divert young people from crime


In Nottinghamshire there will be more officers this year than when I was elected in 2012. By driving down costs Nottinghamshire Police has been able to start recruiting early, which is why there will be 147 additional officers on our streets from March this year alone.


We’ve done a lot. With your support I will do more.


More police officers! Crime & anti-social behaviour down in Nottingham.

Crime down
Knife crime has fallen in the City by 18% thanks to targeted policing and prevention measures. Specialist teams are working hard to prevent violence and to arrest more offenders. Dedicated units are bringing burglary, robbery, vehicle crime and sexual violence down. Making a difference in Nottingham

I have

  • Invested in improving services which support victims, including victims of domestic and sexual violence
  • Improved the way we deal with people who have mental health issues or abuse substances
  • Supported action against hate crimes and the communities affected
  • Encouraged diversity in the police workforce
  • Strengthened partnership working with Nottingham City Council

I will: 

  • Work to boost neighbourhood policing teams tackling crime in our communities.
  • Put victims of crime first and protect their rights.
  • Deal with violence against women and girls and ensure that female offenders are helped in the community.
  • Tackle the increased risk of cybercrime and online fraud.  Work with partners to safeguard young people both online and on the streets.
  • Continue driving down violent crime, knife crime in particular.
  • Reduce the Police’s carbon footprint through better-designed new buildings and electric vehicles.